Arun Jaitley files second defamation case for 10 crore against Arvind Kejriwal

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had allegedly filed a second defamation case asking for Rs 10 crore more as damages, after being called a “crook” in court by his lawyer Ram Jethmalani and the Delhi High Court is expected to hear the case tomorrow.  Also, The High court had termed this comment as “Scandalous”.

This new case is solely against Mr. Kejriwal and will be separate from the ongoing one that ropes in Delhi CM Kejriwal and five other AAP leaders.

During the hearing last Wednesday, Ram Jethmalani called him “a crook”, to which Arun Jaitely asked if the words had come from the CM or it were his own. Mr Jethmalani affirmed it had come from the CM and Mr Jaitley said that he would seek “aggravated damages”. Kejriwal has made unsubstantiated assertions against him publicly; blaming him of corruption during his 13 year term as head of DDCA, the powerful cricket body that governs Delhi and its adjoining areas.

The Delhi CM chose Ram Jethmalani as his main lawyer to fight this case and created controversy last month, when it ascended that his government endeavored to pay the 4 crore legal fees from Govt funds. After colossal censure, Mr Jethmalani said to represent the CM without any charges. 

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